Noragami Season 3 Release Date, Plot, Characters and Others

Noragami is a Japanese shounen anime series. It is all about supernatural and imaginative characters. Over the past years, the Noragami anime series has created a very loyal fan base. And so, they are eagerly waiting for a Noragami 3 release date.

The producers of Noragami are Japanese animation studio Bones, and the director is Kotaro Tamura. The production team has not yet announced a specific Noragami season 3 release date.

This has left the Noragami fans in a state of total confusion. So, over the past years, what we experienced is that several factors contribute to the creation of a sequel.

In this article, we are going to discuss in-depth each of these factors and then only we are going to jump to a conclusion. Thus, in order to know the complete details of Noragami season 3, stick till the end of the article and find the answer to this mystery yourself.

Theme of Noragami

With millions of fan bases all over the world, Noragami is ranked one of the most famous anime television series in Japan.

Its theme is basically action, adventure, love, fantasy, and comedy.

A short summary of Noragami story

The main lead in Noragami is Hiyori Iki. She is compassionate and warm-hearted. This is depicted in the scene where she tries to save a stranger boy who just met with an accident.

He is transferred to a parallel universe of human souls and demons during the accident because his soul is slipped out of his body.

There is also a god who manipulates the human girl he saved to gain widespread worship of people. He is actually in search of recognition, fame, power, and a shire absolutely dedicated to him.

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So, the most common question of Noragami lovers today is, will it return with a sequel or not?

Let’s us discuss the factors which affect this conclusion one by one-

Information of the source material for Noragami season 3.

The source material is something the movies or television scripts are inspired from. In Japan, for the production of animation movies and television series, various source materials are being used.

Some familiar sources are mobile games, Manga, visual novels, or light novels. The most critical and essential basis of the Noragami season 3 release date is Manga.

There are currently 22 volumes of Manga and two special Manga series of Noragami. The name of the special Manga series is Noragami: Stray Stories.

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The popularity of Manga in Japan is such that the first Manga series Of Noragami was released on 6 December 2010. And is continuing its work.

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Volume 23 of Manga which is the current last volume was released on 17 February 2021.

Calculating how many volumes have been made into a series and how many are left

Calculating how many Manga has been used to make the series and how many are left to be completed gives us a rough idea of the volumes yet to be converted into season 3.

  • Season 1 – this season adapted volumes 1-3 and was aired in 2014.
  • Season 2 – this season adapted volumes 4-9 and was aired in 2015.
  • Season 3 – this leaves us with a whopping 15 volumes yet to be adapted.

This creates a lot of hope not only for the release of season 3 but Noragami may also come up with a season 4 after the third one.

Maybe they have completely stopped the productions due to Covid 19 and are preparing to start it again post Covid.

Sales and profits made by the Noragami television series.

Sales and profit play a considerable role in deciding whether a movie or television series will include a sequel. This strategy is very general. We continue doing tasks that bring us success and stop doing tasks that do not leave us with profits in life.

Many factors affect the sales and promotions of a television series. For example, viewers managed to attract of OTTs, merchandise, blue ray copies, sale of its source materials, etc.

A prevalent example of this sales strategy is the television series Tokyo Ravens. Guest posting sites This series did not manage to fulfill the criteria mentioned above. As a result, its second sequel was never released.

Viewers on globally ranked OTT platforms – this is a significant factor that plays a role in producing a TV series.

If the series performs well on different globally ranked OTTs like Netflix or Amazon Prime, it will drive the directors and producers to generate more sequels.

Apart from that, they will also generate money through these platforms for selling their series to them.

Manga sales- this is the part where people may start worrying. Volume 21 of Manga was purchased by 120,000 people.

As time passed by, their sales declined. Only 48,000 copies of the next Manga were sold.

If the sales continue to decline further, it will give producers and directors a hard time for the filming of season 3.

Blue- ray sales

Around 5000 Blue-ray per volume of season 1 were sold. This sale declined further, and only 3000 blue ray per volume of season 2 were sold.

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This is a matter of worry as low sales will not motivate the producers for a sequel.

Production of Noragami Merchandise

For a production company to make a profit, it must have vast sales of its merchandise. Merchandise may include toys; T-shirts, dress video games, picture wallpaper, daily use materials, stationary etc.

There are only four figures available for Noragami. Those four characters are Bishamon, Kofuku, Yato, and Iki Hiyori.

And the sale of Noragami series merchandise is pretty good. Something around 450 pieces of merchandise was produced for this series.

The problem lies in the fact that 80% of the figure mentioned above is for season 1. Season 2 has a mere 20% share in the merchandise business.

This is not good news as it will decline the chances of production of Noragami season 3.

The popularity of Noragami television series

We don’t need to say much about this. Everybody knows about the popularity of Noragami.

But the trick here is that Noragami lost its fan base consecutively after every season. The first season has the most massive fan base.

After that, some people stopped following Noragami completely. And now, after so many years, whether it has retained the fan base or not is very difficult to predict.

Time will only give the answer to this question. If Noragami producers decide to produce a sequel or Noragami season 3, that would implicit that this TV series has still retained its fan base.

And if it discontinues its production of Noragami 3, it will be obvious its fans were not as loyal as they seemed to be.

It’s ranking on the My Anime List

For an anime production to hit, the series needs to pave its way among the top in My Anime ranking list.

This was achieved successfully by the Noragami production team. They made it to 18th rank on My Anime list with a popularity of almost 1,500,000 members. These details were about the first season of Noragami.

As they continued working, things were getting worst for them. Noragami rank fell from 18 to 64 on My Anime list during its season two. Its subscribers feel from 1,500,000 to 1,000,000. This loss is very severe.

Therefore, this point again puts us in a state of dilemma as to whether a season 3 will be launching.

So why actually the Noragami season 3 releases is not announced yet?

Some main reasons to assume why Noragami season 3 is not yet announced are –

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The blue-ray sales have decreased by a significant number of 2000 from season 1 to season 2.

Manga sales decreased.

The popularity of Noragami decreased.

It’s ranking on My Anime list is from 18 to 64.

All of the reasons mentioned above are a recipe for disaster and failure. Maybe that is why the release of the third season is not yet announced.

Is Noragami season 3 going to be released ever?

Considering all the reasons mentioned above, there is a very tiny chance of its release. But still, production teams cannot be predicted. They may yet release season 3 even though season 2 didn’t perform very well.

It may not be released because the Studio Bones production team is working on another TV series named My Hero Academia.

Manga release has also taken a step back. They are not as frequent in their releases as they used to be.

Still being a popular series, work on the release of Noragami season 3 might start again. But this is for sure, that will not watch it on screen till next year or so.

English dubbing of Noragami

You will get all the episodes of Noragami dubbed in English on Crunchyroll or FUNimation.  Apart from that, episodes are also available to watch on Hulu.

What might be the plot of Noragami season 3?

3rd season will reveal Yato’s identity, his dark past, and all that he has ever poorly done as we all know that Yato killed Bishamon’s first family out of pure greed for millions of followers worshipping him. In short, he wanted to become a God with a golden Shine.

There will be an entry of Yato’s ex- Regalia, who wants to take her revenge on him. The reason for their breakup will also be disclosed.

It will get to know about Nora’s powers. There will also be the entry of Ebisu, the God of fortune, in the parallel world. He will be using ghosts for his people’s improvement.

Later he will be declared by the title of Felon. Other gods will make a conspiracy against him and plan on killing Ebisu due to his unethical work.

Yukon will also help Yato in becoming the God of fortune. We will also get to watch a bond of friendship between Hiyori, Yukine, and Yato.

Take away

I hope you got to know everything you desired about Noragami. After reading the article, you must be left with your answer.

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